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McClinton Energy Group can supply equipment and services to meet all your production and water transfer needs. We sell and rent a plethora of well completion products and offer 24-hour field service.

SWECO Wellhead

SWECO Wellhead sells, installs, and services most types of wellhead products. From drilling to production, SWECO Wellhead has the equipment and service personnel to handle your needs and pressures. We carry a complete line of conventional and speed wellhead components available for quick delivery and our field and service personnel are available 24 hrs a day to handle your wellhead needs.

Adamandt Water Transfer

Adamandt Water Transfer has what it takes to get the water you need for your rig. We have a crew of trained pump operators at our disposal, and 14 325hp pumps capable of pumping 100bbls per minute. We have all-terrain capabilities, so nothing separates you from the water you need.

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