CSS Multi-Bowl/Pinless Wellhead System

CSS Multi-Bowl Wellhead

SWECO’s multi-bowl wellhead system allows multiple casing strings to be hung in a single wellhead without having to break the BOP. This saves installation time, increases safety and reduces footprint.

System Features:

  • Standard off-the-shelf casing head
  • Single packoff for multiple  casing strings
  • C-29 bowl profile accepts standard off-the-shelf slips
  • Removable upper section ensures flexibility and efficiency
  • Significant rig time savings over conventional equipment
  • Compatible with SWECO’s BOP Quick Connect, Quickset Casing head, and Offline Cement systems

CSS-Pinless Multi-Bowl Wellhead

System Features:

  • Quick Lock bottom casing head eliminates hot work & reduces installation time
  • Integral Quick BOP Connector ensures efficient drilling and rig time savings
  • Proprietary packoff design eliminates lock pins and is pressure tested from rig floor
  • Compact design eliminates need for extended length tubing head

System Features:

  • Integral BOP Quick Connector eliminates the need for the lower adapter.
  • Reduces overall height of wellhead
  • Eliminates the need for extended length tubing heads while keeping the blanking cap below ground level
  • Reduces costs and increases efficiency
  • Patent Pending

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