SWECO's automatic casing hangers incorporate a lower packoff, slip bowl, and slips. The packoff is energized by the weight of the casing to provide a positive annular seal.

  • Heavy duty latch and hinge
  • Latch cap screw prevents accidental opening of hanger
  • Minimum number of parts
  • Packoff is automatically energized with casing weight
Casing Heads

Flange Size

Casing Size

Part Number

11" 4 1/2" N/A
11" 5" N/A
11" 5 1/2" N/A
11" 7" N/A
11" 7 5/8 N/A
13 5/8" 8 5/8" N/A
13 5/8" 9 5/8" N/A

SWECO’s PE secondary seal is inserted in the bottom preparation of a casing spool or tubing spool and retained with snap wire. The seal is energized when the spool is installed over the casing stub and the flange connection is made up.

Designed for high pressure applications, SWECO’s HPE secondary seals have a threaded bottom compression plate to be inserted in the bottom preparation of casing spools or tubing spools with threaded preparations.

Available in standard API casing sizes.


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