Adamandt Water Transfer


Adamant Water Transfer is dedicated to getting the water you need to your location in a safe and efficient manner. Our professionally trained pump operators make customer satisfaction and safety their top priority. Combining this with all-terrain capabilities, Adamant Water Transfer brings you both affordable and reliable water transfer services.

Adamant has 20 miles of 10” polyurethane lay flat hose available, which allows for quick layout and retrieval along with more flexibility. With the ability to layout and retrieve up to 1 mile in 30 minutes, we are able to “change on the fly” by decreasing layout and retrieval times by as much as 90%.

The leak proof and chemical resistance of this hose allows us to transfer produced and other chemical-laden water that is not possible with aluminum irrigation pipe systems. There are also fewer chances for failure using high quality couplings that require only 8 connections per mile compared to 176 connections per mile for aluminum irrigation pipe.


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